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Greetings my fellow earthlings!

Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if…….. you know my name. Hahahaha okay hello, I’m Ong Xavier but you can just call me Xavier or you can call me Ong but no really, just call me Xavier.

So just a little about me, I’m a Television actor from Singapore but I’m currently based in Taipei. Due to the nature of my job, I always have layers of makeup on whenever I’m working. Overtime, as i got used to it, I slowly found myself putting on light makeup even when I’m not working. Being a really lazy person, removing make up is too much of a hassle for me and many times, i end up being too lazy. (Hey, I’m a Taurus! hehe)  I mean, I’ve heard about AC Milan football shirts how important it is to completely remove makeup before going to bed but I guess I didn’t realize what it would actually do to my skin until it really happened. To my horror, my pores started clogging up as the days went by and my complexion started to turn really bad! This led me to put on even more makeup. You can imagine what happened next.

It came to a point where I got really really desperate and (finally) felt the need to save my face from rotting any further. That was when my journey with IDS started. That was when my life was changed entirely. It’s been almost 2 years now and thanks to IDS, I feel so much more confident even without makeup (though I still put on some foundation just to feel even better).

So hello! This is the condition of my face now. Without any products on. What can I say? I’m just glad I made the choice to be on this journey with IDS. I frequent the clinic to get my facials, botox and fillers done but apart from that, I’m now using a range of products which I can’t live without.

I always make it a point to have 2 bottles of each product. One stays at home and the other follows me wherever I go, even when I travel overseas. So sometimes in between shoots if I have a few hours break, I would clear off my makeup using IDS Cleansing Milk and then cleansing my face again with IDS Delicate Cleanser to let my skin breathe for a bit.

I am a very lazy person and I still am. However, after seeing the results I got from using IDS range of products, I have already cultivated the habit to make it a point to not only remove my make up and cleanse my face but to spend just a few more minutes day and night to pat on the rest of my products before heading to bed or heading out.

Anyway so here’s how I prepare to go out each day right now. Fast and furious. Everything made simple with just IDS. How convenient right? Oh yes and their products are either 100ml or less so it means you can just put them all in a ziplock bag and carry England world cup shirts them with you on board just in case you’re like me and find it important to look good at the airport. HAHAHAHAHA. You know, like you put your make up and head to the airport and then you remove them once you board the plane and when you’re about to arrive, you put your makeup back on again. I’m so vain omg.

Step 1: IDS Purifying Toner

Update as of 23/1/17: IDS Purifying Toner has been renamed to IDS Delicate Toner.

Step 2: C-Plus

Step 3: IDS Spot Control

On the days where I get All JerseySport break outs due to the weather or the food I eat, IDS SPOT comes to save the day!

 Just like that! My skincare regime is just as simple as that. For you other guys out there who aren’t taking care of your skin because you think it’s too troublesome… TELL ME, where got troublesome!? How many steps only (I lazy count, you scroll up and count yourself). So yes, here’s my secret to my complexion but wait……….
I decided to keep the best for the last. Okay, it’s the last step anyway so isn’t exactly me keeping the best for last but no really… It’s my FAVORITE product. Like every other product is crucial but if I only get to choose one product to use for the rest of my life, it HAS TO BE IDS DIAMOND- DUST PERFECTOR.
The DIAMOND DUST (DD) PERFECTOR is out of this world. Remember how I said I would put on light makeup on a day to day basis? Well my definition of basic basically includes Primer, Concealer and Foundation. Well well well…. Take away that 3 steps and turn it into 1 because that is how great the DD is. With amazing coverage which lasts up to 9 hours (that’s the longest I had it on so I’m just stating based on my experience). It would last longer than that I’m pretty sure.
This is one half of my face without DD on.
Here is the other half with DD on. I don’t think I need to say anything more right? (; 
DD Perfector not only gives my face a flawless finish but it Cheap football shirts also gives me a healthy glow and makes me photo- ready anytime and anywhere~
So anyway you’ve seen it all and now you know why I love IDS so much but before I end this post, here’s another one of my secrets. I’m sure some of you use this technique too but it is in my opinion one of the best way to apply the DD Perfector:
From sponges to fingers, my preferred way of applying the DD perfector is by using the Full Coverage Face Brush from Bobbi Brown. The tightly bristles of the brush delivers just the right amount of formula and blends them evenly across the face picking away any excess formula and thus leaving you with flawless skin!
If you’re not already on a journey with IDS, I’m not exactly sure what you’re waiting for but if I were you… I would actually GO GRAB A BOTTLE OF DIAMOND DUST PERFECTOR NOW!
 HAHAHAHA hope you enjoyed what you just read. I can get a little retarded at times so my apologies if I do not sound as “professional” as other guest reviewers but isn’t that what you’re here for? If you’re looking at reading something more formal https://www.alljerseysports.com with all the technical terms and proper english, you can probably go grab a brochure from the clinic HAHAHAHA. If you want to know more about the products or how you can get a consultation etc. you can contact them directly. Contact information should be somewhere around this page, just scroll around. It should be somewhere. HAHAHAHA I’m just being lazy.
Okay. Till next time! BYE! 🙂
Love, Xavier Ong
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