What Is Korean Glassy Skin All About?

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Korean glow is still pretty much all the rage where complexion trend goes. So what is Korean glow? It is loosely known as dewy skin, also chok chok which means “moist” and denotes a luscious, dew-saturated glow, kkul-gwang aka honey or hyper-glossy skin, and more recently glassy skin.

K-drama fans will have a good idea what those terms are about. But if you’re hearing about them for the first time, think skin with a shiny sheen that almost appears “oily”.

Glassy skin is this ridiculously radiant, plumped, intensely hydrated and even-toned baby skin with a glass-like sheen that Koreans rate so highly. So why do women want skin that looks this shiny when decades before we’ve been finding ways to keep shine at bay and skin as matte as possible?

Thanks to a viral IG post by Ellie Choi, a Los Angeles-based aspiring makeup artist, where she reveals the skincare steps to achieving her baby smooth, pore-less and ultra-glowing skin – glassy skin is now an international sensation. The post has 36.5K likes (and the number continues to rise)! Go figure. Shiny skin has become a coveted quality that women strive for simply because of the youthfulness that it emanates. TIP: If you already have an oily T-zone or complexion, rather than blot your skin into complete matteness, try just dabbing off the excess oil with a tissue and allow your skin to glow naturally.

Although with great makeup skills and some highlighter, you can probably cheat the look of glassy flawlessness. But wouldn’t you want this for real – something that only consistent skincare can give you? Achieving this coveted glow however requires commitment — it’s not a quick fix. What you really want is a glow that starts from within.

Looking at Ellie’s skincare routine, you’ll notice that there is nothing ground breaking to it, it in fact looks like a routine that most are already adopting.

What a diligent daily regime looks like:

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    Remove Makeup

    Be it with a makeup remover wipe or cleansing oil, it is an essential first step for those who wear makeup regularly

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    Double Cleanse

    To thoroughly cleanse the skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils, use a mild or hydrating cleanser like IDS Refreshing Cleanser

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    To remove any residual dirt or oil from the skin’s surface, choose a toner that is non-drying like IDS Delicate Toner

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    Apply treatment products that boost skin radiance and plump skin like IDS C-Plus

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    Putting on a good amount of moisturizer is an important step in ensuring that “chok chok” skin. Try a moisturizer that is lightweight yet rich in moisturizing goodness – IDS Intensive Moisturizer

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    With a peel or gentle scrub, buff the skin two to three times a week to help slough off all the dead skin cells and renew the skin, leaving it smooth and bright! Try IDS Facial Scrub

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    Once or twice weekly, follow your exfoliation with a hydrating mask to further boost skin and saturate it with lots of moisturization

To achieve this beauty goal, you will need to stay committed and use the right products that are able to deliver actives deeper into the dermis, rather than those that simply sit on top. But with IDS’ patented ‘enHAnce’ Transcutaneous Delivery System’, active ingredients are able to penetrate and be delivered into the targeted areas, making IDS Skincare as effective as prescription offerings without the side effects they often cause.

Now that you’ve gotten the steps and the products right, are you ready to get glowing?


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Photo credits:

Photography: Alwin Oh
Makeup: Rick Yang
Hair: Sean Ang
Model: Jeyna Lim
Beauty direction: Cynthia Chew

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