6 Awesome Mother’s Day Beauty Picks

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This is one of the few times you’re tempted to spoil someone else besides ourselves – Mother’s Day – the ideal time to give something back to the woman who gave us life and more.

But first, the IDS marketing team would like to wish all mothers a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

So for all of you who love beauty products as much as we do, here are six products from IDS that will help your mom (and you) look and feel fabulous. If you haven’t heard about IDS Skincare, then you’re missing out.

We are a homegrown beauty label that takes your skincare concerns very seriously, so much so that we put in the most number of combined active ingredients in a single product where no other beauty companies dare, simply because we want you to experience the results they promise.

Here are our top six picks:

A+: Don’t let those lines creep up on Mom! This advanced age-preventive treatment contains retinaldehyde, the gentle cousin of retinol, to help fight those lines and wrinkles without irritating the skin.

RC: Take care of Mom’s skin by treating her to this potent anti-aging concentrate. It helps to counter concerns like fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging and damage from environmental aggressors and ultra-violet rays. This is also the first product to contain IDS’ patented ENHANCE delivery system that ensures effective absorption of its active ingredients.

MB: Pamper Mom with this luxurious moisturizer from IDS Prestige. It is packed with everything she needs to protect, renew and moisturize, leaving skin feeling smooth and supple like never before.

SC: She may not show it or tell you but who isn’t bothered by those pesky pimples that pop up every now and then – even late in our adulthood? This fast-acting formula helps to rapidly minimize the appearance of breakouts, while reducing inflammation to soothe, calm and heal the skin immediately.

S2: Indoor or outdoor, remind Mom to wear sunscreen every day. This sheer, oil-free and non-tinted sunscreen is lightweight and fluid, doesn’t leave any whitish streaks, but a soft matte finish. It also has skincare benefits like antioxidants to fight free radicals and anti-inflammatory actions.

LW: Mom’s beauty should be inside and out. This supplement will protect her skin from damages caused by UV rays as well as provide all-round health benefits thanks to a star-studded cocktail of ingredients like tomato, curcumin and pepper extracts.

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